You Said It...

March 2020

"The time has come for men and women to start giving concrete expression to the discourse about violence against women in order to start coherently and bravely building, from a feminist narrative, societies capable of recognizing the value in the body of women." - Dr. Cecilia Palomo, Mexico

October 2019

"I strongly believe that corruption and unethical practices significantly affect development and progress, in addition to hindering the stability of states." - Judge Mina Sougrati, Morocco

August 2019

“[The Margaret Brent Award] means a lot. It is recognition for the many years that I have worked to improve the legal profession, both for women lawyers and for women in the community that we can better serve. And for men, because men are better served when the courts are fair and impartial.” - The Hon. Judith McConnell, USA

July 2019

"Where there is common ground, however, is that gender is an area where norms about appropriate conduct continue to shift, and also, that when it comes to gender-related misconduct, there is plenty of evidence that the judiciary still has a lot to learn. Because judges are rightly held to a higher standard, it is not enough to say that just because conduct is not unlawful, it is appropriate." - The Hon. Anisa Dhanji, UK

July 2019

"A gender perspective helps us discover the invisibility of the gender asymmetries that still exist in our law." - Hon. Gloria Poyatos Matas, Spain

March 2019

"[Courts] are the public service. In fact, often we are the only public service that women … have access to right away." - Hon. Lore Mirwaldt, Canada

December 2018

"Sextortion violates fundamental ethical standards, because even if an act may not technically constitute a violation of a penal law, people in authority should still not misuse their power by seducing subordinates and individuals over whom they exercise authority, or by enticing them to grant them sexual favors." - Hon. Teresita Leonardo de Castro, Philippines

December 2018

"A successful judiciary is one whose members are appointed following a rigorous process assessing both the candidate's legal qualifications as well as integrity." - Hon. Sanji Monageng, Botswana

December 2018

"There is still corruption among doctors even in [the] judicial system, some people are not ethical enough and you may find a doctor writing false information purposely to defend someone who gave him a bribe so it becomes very difficult to convict the accused." - Former IAWJ President, Hon. Eusebia Munuo, Tanzania

November 2018

Women judges bring that lived experience to their judicial actions.  It is an experience that tends toward a comprehensive, empathetic perspective, one that encompasses an awareness of the consequences of judicial action for the people affected, as well as the legal basis for such action. - Hon. Vanessa Ruiz, President