What We Do

Programs to Promote Gender Equality & Equal Justice

Women and girls face unique threats to their rights and freedoms: they are forced to confront deeply entrenched patriarchal attitudes every day and are vulnerable to all forms of violence and discrimination.

These issues are vitally important to women judges around the world and, as a result, they are a primary focus for IAWJ. For more than two decades, IAWJ has worked with judges to break down gender stereotypes, change attitudes towards law, and make real the guarantees that statutory laws promise in theory.  Through its programs, partnerships, and alliances with civil society, judicial training institutes and academia, IAWJ and its national chapters disseminate knowledge about law and legal rights and help to identify and remove barriers that prevent victims of gender-based violence from accessing the courts. IAWJ member programs support the professional advancement of women within the judiciary. IAWJ also works with local members to inform legal reforms and the application of new laws from a modern, gender-inclusive perspective.

Through educational programs and training, IAWJ advances human rights and equal justice for women and girls.

In partnership with its 49 national associations, IAWJ develops and implements training and local initiatives on contemporary issues such as gender-based violence, human trafficking, property rights and HIV/AIDS, child marriages, and the abuse of power through sextortion. IAWJ’s flagship judicial training program is the “Jurisprudence of Equality Program,” or JEP, which brings new perspectives in examining law and procedure, reinforcing the application of international law.