Empowering Women Judges

For women who come before the court, the increasing presence of women judges is more than a potent symbol of progress – they perceive that all arguments will be heard and justice will be served.

This growing faith in the judicial system is due to the leadership of women on the bench and their persistent efforts to end gender bias in the laws and their applications. IAWJ membership and our events and initiatives empower our members to break new ground.  IAWJ provides international and regional platforms for judicial exchange, engages governments and international tribunals to select women, and encourages and funds national initiatives to raise the visibility of women judges as leaders.

IAWJ hosts international, regional, and local conferences for our members to provide a platform to network and explore issues of common concern and to raise our visibility as judicial leaders. In past years, our Biennial Conferences have addressed an array of issues important to the membership, including judicial response to crises, justice for vulnerable populations, corruption, and sextortion, and the global leadership of women.  Events lead members to form their own association or develop local initiatives after learning from others in the global and regional meeting.

IAWJ works to empower women on the bench by providing networking activities, supporting members and their initiatives, and fostering judicial exchange.

In addition, IAWJ encourages young women to consider careers in law and the judiciary, urges governments to select and promote women as judges, and advocates for women to be represented at all levels of courts, whether domestic, regional, or international. We also notify members of judicial vacancies and application processes for international courts, and opportunities to participate in assessment missions and serve as trainers and experts on access to justice projects.