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The IAWJ invites everyone to support the mission of IAWJ through membership and active engagement.

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Individual Voting Member – $30/Year
Any person who has qualified for a judicial position in accordance with a nation’s requirements, and holds a judicial or quasi-judicial position, or is duly retired therefrom, is eligible for membership as an Individual Voting Member.

Amicus Judici (Friends of the IAWJ) – $55/Year
Any person who is interested in and supports the mission of the IAWJ and who is not otherwise eligible for membership may be admitted to membership as an amicus judicii member. Amicus Judici members may serve on committees, but shall have no voting rights and may not hold office.




Join as an Association Member

Association Member – $25/ Year
Already a member of an IAWJ affiliated Association of Women Judges?  You can register as an Association Member with the IAWJ.


Please note: To register as an association member you must currently be a member of an association of women judges officially affiliated with the IAWJ that includes no less than ten (10) members. The full list of IAWJ associations/chapters is available on our website. Before joining online, please check with your association/chapter to verify that your membership dues have not already been paid through them.