Take a look back on the past 25 years of the IAWJ through IAWJ’s Jubilee Book – “Twenty-Five Years of Judging for Equality”

This 25th Anniversary edition was made possible through the hard work of IAWJ founder, Judge Arline Pacht, IAWJ Vice President, Justice Susan Glazebrook and colleague Heather Nordstrom, as well as all of our member associations that sent us their chapters! The 25th Anniversary edition details not only the comprehensive history of the organization but the incredible work of our member associations and their projects.

Access the 25th Anniversary edition of IAWJ’s Jubilee Book by clicking here!

“The influential role of the IAWJ and its members in the discourse on gender and equal justice remains as vital as it was 25 years ago.  As the next generation carries on this narrative that started in 1991, we hope and pray it unfolds in the same affirmative and uplifting vein.” Teresita Leonardo de Castro, IAWJ President 2012-2014

“Until the legal culture changes, there is a place for this association.  The legal culture will not change until our society changes. An association of women judges should aspire to change our world.” – Mary-Ann Hedlund and Susan Glazebrook

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